Dec 28, 2010

Wi-Fi Browser Login app for Android devices; prevents ‘login required Wi-Fi’ connection

Wi-Fi Browser Login App's ScreenshotWi-Fi Browser Login App's Screenshot

A developer called Cedric has developed an useful app “Wi-Fi Browser Login Utility”, which is available now in Android Market. This amazing app can automatically identify if your Wi-Fi connection requires browser login. This app is available for Free of cost. If you are in Wi-Fi Free zone, you need to enter user name and password credentials or you must enable “I Agree” button in browser. But this Wi-Fi Browser Login utility immediately alert you by popping up a webview and alert you and lets you to sign in. So you don’t need to open browser for yourself.

In general, It is a hassle to go into Settings menu to manually connect. This app is Probably a good idea and great for on campus where you switch between multiple networks or or anywhere else with a login-required connection. Once you installed the app, you just get into the Wi-Fi Browser Login settings and set your preferred options.

This is rather similar to the iPhone’s Wi-Fi browser login feature. This app is Android Only version and you can download it from Android Market or you can use the QR code at below.

Wi-Fi Browser Login App QR Code

Source: LifeHacker

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