Aug 21, 2010
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Nokia N9 Pictures Leaked–QWERTY Slider Running MeeGo

Nokia N9, the next big thing as Nokia expects it to be after Nokia N8, is shaping up well. Nokia has lot of hopes on this device as the the “brand Nokia” is quickly fading into the dark, courtesy the heavy competition from the likes of iPhones, and never-ending droids and other powerful innovative smartphones from HTC, RIM, and to some extent Samsung as well. On Friday, some pictures of the upcoming Nokia N9 have been leaked on the internet [pictures attached below]. The pictures reveal that the design of N9 closely resembles that of the popular MacBook/Pro/Air [pic]. It has a slider full 4-row QWERTY keyboard (big and spacious keys thankfully!). Looks like it has a 3.5-inch touchscreen screen and although we are not sure about how many megapixel the camera (with dual-LED flash) it has, some preliminary reports say that it might be an 8MP camera. It is having a standard BV-4D battery with 1300 mAh capacity and runs on new MeeGo OS.

Here are the leaked pics and some of the pics are show the device being disassembled:

Nokia N9

Nokia N9 leaked pic 3

Nokia N9 leaked pic 3

Nokia N9 leaked pic 3

Nokia N9 leaked pic 3

Disassembling pics:

Nokia N9 Disassembled pic 1

Nokia N9 Disassembled pic 2

Nokia N9 Disassembled pic 3

[Via Baidu]

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