INQ Cloud Touch Full Specifications And Price Details

INQ Cloud Touch is an entry-level smartphone powered by Android Froyo and this handset offers pure Facebook experience, with one-button access to Facebook chat and more. Cloud Touch runs on a 600MHz chipset, 5MP AF camera, Spotify music app, Wi-Fi, tri-band HSPA connectivity, 4GB micro-SD card inserted, 8GB memory expansion support and much more. Check out the full specifications and the pricing details of the INQ Cloud Touch here.

INQ Cloud Touch, Cloud Q – Facebook Centric phones launched officially

INQ has officially announced the two facebook integrated phones, INQ Cloud Touch and Cloud Q. Both powered by Android 2.2 Froyo operating system. INQ Cloud Q is having the full QWERTY keypad. INQ Cloud touch runs with Android Froyo, 3.5 inch touch display, equipped with 5MP camera, 600MHz chipset, tr-band HSPA connectivity, 4GB micro-SD card. Check out more details abouth the newly launched INQ phones here.