128GB Surface Pro Sold Out On The Microsoft’s U.S. online store [Update: Canada Too]

128GB Surface Pro Sold Out

Finally, Microsoft has begun selling the much awaited Surface Windows 8 Pro tablets yesterday, as they said earlier. But, it looks like Microsoft is going to keep having problems with keeping 128GB Surface Pro versions in stock. The demand seems to be extremely high for 128GB version. If you head over to Microsoft U.S. online store right now, you will find 128GB model of the Surface Pro tablet with “out of stock” caption.

As you probably already know, the 64GB Surface Pro costs $899, while 128GB model will retail for $999, and the Surface Touch and Type covers will have to be purchased separately for $119.99 and $129.99 respectively. Touch cover also protects the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet from harm and you will be able to attach it to your Surface Tablet very quickly. Type cover is a regular QWERTY keyboard with raised keys.

Surface Pro Covers Pricing

Surface Pro runs Windows 8 on an Intel i5 dual-core processor with Intel HD Graphics 4000, and it can also run desktop apps, and suitable for heavy workloads. t sports 10.6-inch 1920×1080 pixels of resolution display with 208 ppi, 4GB RAM, microSD card slot which can accommodate up to 64GB, dual cameras, 1080p HD video calling support, Bluetooth 4.0, full size USB port, and it has for exceptional Wi-Fi reception, and you are also getting Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, and Word with it. It’s also worth mentioning that 64GB version of the Surface Pro will come with 23GB of user-accessible space, while the remaining 41GB will be used by the operating system. Similarly, you will get roughly 83GB off the 128GB tablet. Of course, you can create a back-up to a USB flash drive and delete the recovery partition.

Microsoft is now also selling the new 64GB version of the Surface RT tablet with Windows RT for US$599 and they’ll also charge an extra $100 if you want to purchase it together with the black Touch Cover.

There is no word on when 128GB Surface Pro will be back in stock to U.S. MSFT online store, but you can buy it from MSFT Canada online store, which has it in stock at the moment (Update: Sold out on Canada stores too). But, if you are residing in the United States. don’t give up your hope, there’s always another way. You can grab it either at Microsoft’s retail locations or at other retail stores such as Best Buy and Staples. Hit the below link to buy Surface Pro tablet.


So, who’s buying a Surface Pro today?

Source: Microsoft

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