Apple may launch Watch Ultra with 2.1″ micro LED screen, AirPods Lite in 2024

The Apple Watch Ultra has unexpectedly become a super hit among the people who would like staying fit, tracking their stats, actively benefit from the Watch’s unique, fitness-themed features, and having general workout features articulated and recorded in a clear way. It seems Apple is already working on the upcoming Ultra Watch with a larger sized micro LED display.

The current Apple Watch Ultra already has the largest screen out of any Apple Watch, measuring at 1.92 inches, but the latest report from Hong Kong investment firm Haitong International Securities spilled some interesting info on its successor. Jeff Pu claims Apple will build the 2023 Apple Watch Ultra models similar to their predecessors in terms of specifications. But, we guess there will be some minimal tweaks, and changes.

He says Apple is expected to switch to the new microLED panel technology for the production of the Ultra March units in 2024. For your reference, this micro LED screen can outperform the current OLED technology in terms of brightness and colour accuracy, but it is more costly.  The 2024 Watch Ultra could be the first Apple product to receive this new micro OLED technology, along with a larger screen size of 2.1-inch. It will feature a higher brightness output than the current Apple Watch with OLED screens. We can expect the micro-LED technology to arrive on more iPads and iPhones in the coming years. 

Jeff Pu also claims that Apple will start selling a new pair of lower-priced wireless earbuds dubbed AirPods Lite in2024. Unfortunately, there is no other overexciting info at as of now about 2024 models of the Ultra Watch and AirPods Lite products. More details will be surfaced in the coming months.

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