The 3-in-1 Camera Connection Kit for iPad available now; Buy Online

iPad 3 in 1 Camera Connection KitiPad 3 in 1 Camera Connection Kit

Wanna offload photos from your digital camera onto your Apple iPad through a direct USB connection? Here you have a better option to make it possible. The 3-in-1 iPad Camera Connection Kit is a single dock connecting package which gives accommodations for USB, SD and microSD cards. It’s an useful accessory for your iPad, and it’s amazing too.

This Camera connection kit comes in both White & Black colors and it is now available for pre-order for $29.90 at M.I.C gadget store and you will get it by Christmas. Isn’t it make you wonder why Apple never did it this way?

So lets connect our keyboard, mouse, card reader, printer. Will a hard drive connect to the USB? And yah, remember that the most 3rd party camera connection kits were broken by iOS 4.2.1. Hope this kit works fine with the iPad.

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