5 Million iPhones Sold: Is your iPhone 5 Scuffed or Scratched out of the Box?


The first iPhone 5 was delivered officially to its customer just 3 days before, now reports are coming in that around 5 Million iPhone 5s have been sold over the first weekend. This may seem to be a good news for Apple, though many users are not very happy about their new iPhone.

We have been fairly reporting the problems of various iPhone 5 users. Of course with Millions of sale, thousands of dissatisfied customers is inevitable, but some feel that the discrepancies could have been avoided forehand. There have been several problems earlier and now comes another.

The brand new Apple iPhone 5s are coming along with a variety of scuffs and scraps out of the box!. This is what you expect from the “most successful iPhone launch ever” as per the records of Apple and AT&T! These scuffs and scratches seems to be common for many.


In an online Poll regarding this ScuffGate, MacRumors Forum, 477 out of 1319 Voters opted for “Scuffed out of the Box” when asked “Is your black iPhone 5 scuffed, chipped or scratched?” That is a staggering 36.16% of the total voters. Not only this, the poll topic thread continues discussion over a 100 pages and still continues. Most discusses the ScuffGate!

In another report, FoxConn Worker claims that they knew that the new iPhone 5 is easily scuffed. So there are speculations that Apple had an idea before the phone was released and they might have downplayed the problem due to production issues.

The problem seems to be due to the anodized aluminum surface. The previous iPhone 4 and 4S were both made using stainless steel but Apple iPhone 5 is aluminum, which is why it is lighter. Stainless steel have stronger surface and aluminum is not that scratch-resistant as stainless steel.

We are waiting for Apple’s word on these issues.

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Source: MacRumors Forum
Via: The Verge

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