7-inch HP TouchPad Go With HSPA+ Bands Hits The FCC; Heading To AT&T

Since a few weeks, we’ve been hearing a lot about the price drop of the first ever WebOS tablet HP TouchPad by some third party retailers, and a few hours ago, it has got permanent price drop, but still the tablet has failed to attract the consumers. In late June, we first heard that HP is prepping a smaller version of the 9.7-inch HP TouchPad, which might be called HP TouchPad Go, and it will be referred as 7-inch version of HP WebOS tablet. A few hours ago, the HP TouchPad Go tablet has paid a visit at the FCC. The FCC filed the labels with TouchPad Go written all over, and some other labels are also showing the HSPA+ AT&T feature.

7-inch HP TouchPad Go Hits The FCC

7-inch HP TouchPad Go Hits The FCC

The HP TouchPad GO will be equipped with 1.5GHz processor inside, and there will be 16GB and 32GB versions available. According to the FCC filings, the TouchPad Go will come in Wi-Fi version, and AT&T’s HSPA+ radio fixed TouchPad Go will also hit the markets. The other specifications are still mysterious to the tech world.

Price & Availability

HP has yet to announce the 7-inch HP TouchPad Go tablet officially, and we don’t have official info revealing the price tag and the release info, but it is possible it could hit shelves in a month or two.

[Source: FCC]

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