iPad Mini Spotted Online; 7-inch iPad?

iPad Mini leaked by jimmy Lee

As we already reported that a 7-inch iPad might be launched in future. This new picture has been swirling over the internet for the past few hours, in which Jimmy Lin is holding a Mini iPad along with the original 10-inch iPad in another hand.Jimmy Lin is a popular actor, Taiwanese singer and a professional race car driver. This picture has been published by himself on his blog. But this picture isn’t visible clearly to decide if its legit or not. This could be fake as Apple would not let their upcoming products getting leaked at any level. And you all know that how well the Chinese made clones to the popular smartphones and other devices, especially there are plenty of iPhone clones in China.

But this celebrity won’t come out with a fake iPad..Think about it. The upcoming iPad-sequel is expected to have dual cameras, retina display, USB port, gyroscope and more. The fresh romours are that a 7-inch iPad might be the next generation iPad by Apple. Keep watching this space for further updates.


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