7mm Thin Samsung Galaxy S III Setting Up For May Release?


Samsung Galaxy S II was the Android Phone of Android phones in the last year and its successor Samsung Galaxy S III handset is probably gearing up to be the most anticipated Android device for this year. In late January, we heard about Elder Murtazin’s claims about the Samsung Galaxy S II handset’s unveiling in the upcoming World Congress this month, followed by sales starting in April. But, the Sammy has confirmed that the Galaxy S III handset will not be premiered at MWC in this month. Although there is no official report available in the mobile market yet many sources summarize the features and release dates that are in the worksheets. Today new rumors have reported about the hardware configuration and launch details of the yet-to-be announced Samsung Galaxy S III handset.

Korea based Electronic Times News website, citing its own “industry insiders.”, has revealed that Galaxy S III device will be thinner and faster than the Galaxy S II handset, measuring-in with just 7mm thick profile, while the other features are including a most powerful quad-core chipset, 8MP camera, 4G LTE connectivity, 8MP rear camera capable of 1080p video recording (previous rumors indicated to a 12MP camera on the back side), 2MP front-facing camera, HDMI port and packs a Super AMOLED Plus display.

The source has mentioned that the Galaxy S III handset is set to release in May and there will be 7 variants of the Galaxy S II in this year, including the 3D-enabled model.


There is an event scheduled for March 22nd by and the manufacturer is expected to unveil the Galaxy S III and that event in France.

Samsung France March 22nd Event

Source: ETNews (Translated), Frandroid

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