Adobe Brings Flash Support To iOS Devices With Flash Media Server 4.5

Adobe Flash for iPhone and other iOS devices.
Lack of support for Adobe Flash for the Apple’s iOS based products like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has been a worry for the users. It was seen as a major set back to the iPhone when it was initially launched, but not so now. The users and developers have started to accept it, moved on with the help of alternatives that served the very same purpose. Adobe couldn’t do much about it, as the Apple management didn’t want the Flash on the iOS devices, owing to performance and battery life issues. Well, now Adobe has just launched two new products Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 and Adobe Flash Access 3.0 that will enable the iOS users to access Adobe Flash content on their devices.

If you are thinking that the Adobe is offering the full Flash support to the Apple devices, you are wrong! This is a kind of workaround in which the Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 will be converting the requested Flash content into the compatible HTTP Live Streaming that can be played on the device. All the conversion process will be done on the server side and thus avoids the need for the device’s processor to do this job and in turn it will not have any effect on the battery life of the device. However, this will not work with all types of Flash content, like the interactive Flash content that is often used in games.

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