Alibaba’s Aliyun Mobile OS counters Qihoo 360 as both seeks Device partners


In context of Chinese Phone OS, Alibaba’s Aliyun Mobile OS and Qihoo 360 is on the collision course in a competition to convince the mobile phone manufacturers being their partners. In the Chinese mobile market, it seems as the Qihoo 360 has gone through another downfall and it is looking to partner up with mobile manufacturers. And not only the Qihoo, but Alibaba’s Aliyun mobile operating system is also in the hunt for mid-sized Chinese phone manufacturers to partner up with.

To convince the mobile manufacturers, Alibaba and Qihoo are competing at their best level so that the mobile manufacturers ship their phones with their respective mobile operating systems. After device margins proved to be unsustainable, Qihoo and Huawei freshly ended their collaboration, leading Qihoo to look a way out with their partners so that they can capture the low-end of the Chinese smartphone market. According to the report, Qihoo has set up a team in the southern city of Shenzhen for developing its relationships with manufacturers.

Aliyun OS ACER

On the other hand, Alibaba is said to have gained the upper hand by offering better support and assistance to manufacturers. As reported, the Aliyun OS business will spin off from Alibaba Cloud Computing (Alicloud) as an independent operation with an investment of $200 million to strengthen its talent base, technology, and infrastructure.

Acer and Aliyun were planning to launch a high-profile smartphone earlier this month, but Google disrupted it by enforcing the Open Handset Alliance (OHA) agreement that Acer had signed. Alibaba is maintaining its software is based on Linux, rather than Android.

After the dominance of Google’s Android, Chinese mobile makers are expanding their smartphone offerings so that they can reduce the dependence on Google. Partnership of ZTE and Mozilla has also announced to release a Firefox OS soon. Alibaba has stated that it will undoubtedly compete against Android.

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