Google Nexus Tablet’s First Press Shot Leaked?

Google Nexus Tablet’s First Press Shot Leak

Since we first heard about the Google Nexus Tablet, we’ve been digging for every bit of info we could get on it. Thanks to a leak. Here we’ve got the first alleged press shot of the upcoming Google Nexus tablet. It’s looking ultra thin, sporting a thin bezel, The first Google Nexus tablet will be made by Asus and it will be available to purchase for an affordable price point, even lower than we imagined. In the above image, it’s looking ultra thin, sporting a thin bezel that we’ve seen on Asus Transformer Prime and we can see icons of all the Google products along with the Android Market icon, but not the Google Play Store icon. And yeah, it will be running vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich build.

Google Nexus tablet is rumored to be equipped with an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor. The source couldn’t provide the launch details, technical specifications and the price info of the Google Nexus tablet. All we know is that it will hit the stores later this year and price tag is likely to fall somewhere in the $150-$200 range. The source is referring to a 10-inch Nexus tablet, while all the previous rumors indicated about a 7-incher.

According to the previous rumors, Google is planning to launch its own online store where it may sell the Nexus tablet directly to customers, that it pretty much like the Apple and Amazon. There’s no doubt that many are looking forward to finally seeing the first Nexus “pure Android” slate from Google, made by Asus.

Via: PocketNow

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