Amazon’s Android 7-inch Tablet To Cost $349 And $449 For 10-inch Tablet

Amazon's Coyote And Hollywood Tablets

Do you remember that a few weeks back, we told you that Amazon is planning to release its own tablet in the second half of this year and we’ve also reported that the two tablets from Amazon will be named as “Coyote” and “Hollywood”. At that time we weren’t sure about the price values of these tablets and we weren’t also sure that which one was 7-inch and which one was 10-inch tablet. Now according to PC Mag reports, the “Coyote”  would be a 7-inch tablet and it will cost you $349, while the 10-inch “Hollywood” tablet will come with a price tag of $449. So Amazon is intending to sell the tablets with cheapest prices and ii these price values are true, Amazon’s tablet is going to be $50 cheaper than the cheapest iPad. These two tablets are rumored to be launching before this holiday season.

Amazon’s Coyote 7-inch entry level tablet will be powered by a dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, just like other tablets that are available in the markets such as T-Mobile LG G-Slate, Motorola Xoom, BB PlayBook and the upcoming tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Amazon’s Hollywood 10-inch tablet is really going to be powerful one, powered by a ramped up processor quad-core Nvidia Kal-EI, with 500% performance increase over the dual-core Tegra 2. This tablet is expected to hit the markets by November month. we are still unaware of which Android OS is going to be pre-installed on these tablets. We are digging for more information. So stay tuned.

[Source: PC Mag]

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