Amazon’s 7” Kindle Tablet Coming In November For $250; Details Get Leaked

Since around September of last year, we’ve been hearing rumors for countless times that Amazon is prepping two Android tablets to release by the end of this year – a 7-incher and a 10-incher, which are supposed to be called as “Coyote” and “Hollywood”. But sadly, Amazon has decided to only concentrate on the 7-inch tablet for this year and it will be called Amazon Kindle 7-inch tablet. Finally we got a real confirmation that Amazon tablet is real and it will be releasing in the coming months. MG Siegler, the TechCrunch writer has revealed out these details after having spend an hour with this tablet, which is a Design Verification Testing unit running on a version "prior to Android 2.2 Froyo" and its software needs to get some changes and tweaks before the launch time. When we first heard about Amazon’s tablet, we thought it would be a big competitor to Apple iPad. But, unfortunately, it is turning out to be a simple Kindle tablet and it is not an E Ink device, but sporting capacitive touchscreen color display instead of the back lit.

Amazon’s 7” Kindle Tablet Details Leaked

The Kindle tablet look very similar to the BlackBerry Playbook and there will be a single-core application processor inside the hood, Amazon’s UI customizations, a navigation menu on the screen, 6GB of internal storage just to store books & apps, rubberized rear panel, micro USB port, Wi-Fi connectivity, Cloud Player music services, Amazon’s instant video player, Amazon’s Android App store, Kindle store, but there is no camera, no Android Market, no Google apps at all and it may not have a micro SD card slot. The home screen features a carousel of content with a dock below and a status bar above. So, by examining these specs, we can say that the Amazon’ Kindle tablet can’t compete with any other tablet on the market and you wont get “the Honeycomb update”, which is big disappointment. This tablet will give the user a pure Amazon experience and this is an Amazon tablet, not an Android tablet and it will be the perfect competitor to Barnes and Noble’s Nook Color device. According to the source, the first Amazon tablet will be launched in two versions. The 7-inch version will be released in November and if it sells well, the 10-inch bigger version may also be released in the first quarter of the year 2012. The 7-inch Amazon Kindle will be available for $250 USD only.

[Source: Tech Crunch]

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