Amazon Android Tablet To Release Before October?

Amazon Android Tablet

We first heard about the plans of Amazon to come up with an Android tablet in May. Since then we have been hearing rumors about the size and possible codenames of the tablets and about their pricing.  However, what’s missing up until now was the information about the possible release date of the tablet. According to a report published at WSJ, the tablet could well be launching before the end of October.

The report published based on the information from “people familiar with the matter”, says that the Amazon is planning to launch the tablet by October and that it would be sporting a 9-inch screen, a slight deviation from the earlier reports of a 10-inch tablet. Though the tablet is touted to be a direct competitor to Apple’s iPad, Amazon’s tablet however is going to lack a camera according to the report. The tablet will run Google’s Android OS, though it’s still not clear whether it could be the latest Android 3.2 Honeycomb or the Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Since Amazon is already a pioneer with its digital content ranging from music, movies, ebooks and cloud services, all that Amazon needs to do is to integrate this into the tablet in a way that could attract the customers. But since we haven’t seen any Android tablet claiming to be as successful as iPad has been, we’ll have to what unique features that the device will pack to make it stand out from the rest. In another news, the same source has also reported that Amazon is prepping two new Kindle models (one with a touchscreen) scheduled to launch in Q3.

[Source: WSJ] [Via: Engadget]

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