Amazon Cloud Player Launches For Android And Web In The U.S.

Amazon Cloud Player For Web & Android

Amazon has officially launched its own music streaming service – Amazon Cloud Player for web and Android. The service is available for Free of cost. Current or existed Amazon US customers can get 5GB free cloud space upon the purchase of an MP3 album and the customers’ account can be upgradable to a one-year 20GB plan and you will also get another 15GB free for a total of 20GB. So it will allow users to store up to 5GB of music in Amazon’s new, online locker and playback uploaded tracks via their Android smartphone or tablet, PC, or Mac.

Amazon lets you to upload the 5GB music content for playback on Amazon Cloud Player for the web and Android and you can save your purchases to Cloud Drive and then you can download your purchases to your device right from your Android phone or tablet.

Amazon’s MP3 Uploader Tool lets you to scan the iTunes library, so that you can decide what track to be upload to the Cloud Drive. You can also upload your music content from your PC or Mac

You can check out the Amazon Cloud Player (hit the link) for web and Android at the Amazon’s website. Additional storage plans starting at $20 per year.

[Source: Amazon]

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