Amazon allows users to ‘Lend’ their Kindle eBooks to others

Amazon Kindle eBooks LendingAmazon Kindle eBooks Lending

“Eligible Amazon Kindle books can be loaned ONCE for a period of 14 days and can never be loaned again.”

Back in October, Inspired by Barnes & Noble’s Nook ‘LendMe’ feature allowing users to share some books with other people, Amazon has promised to introduce Kindle books lending feature to all Kindle and Kindle apps users. Kindle users now will be able to loan(share) the Kindle books to their beloved friends for a period of 2 weeks, but Kindle owners will not able to access those lending books themselves during those 2 weeks.

Loans must be initiated from Amazon’s website only by Kindle owners. Lenders just need to enter the loanees name and his email address to whom they would love to lend their books. The borrowers should have an Amazon account and don’t need to have a Kindle or Kindle reading application – borrowers can read the lent books by taking the advantage of the free Amazon Kindle apps available for a no.of platforms such as PCs, Mac, Android, BlackBerry and iOS.

The Kindle books can be shared will have a title “Lending:Enabled” in the ‘Product Details’ section or Users can move to the “manage your Kindle” and click on the “Loan this book” button next to the product section and users can lend their books to their friends. So lending books will be only available on a title-by-title basis.

Please note that Not all Kindle titles are lendable, it’s down to individual rights holders to decide whether they want their publications to be included in the scheme. Kindle eBooks lending is currently only available now to Kindle customers in the United States. Hit the Amazon source link at below to check out the full article, complete with FAQs.

Amazon Kindle eBooks Lending

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