Amazon Kindle Scribe has a Pen for writing on a 10.2″ screen

Amazon is indeed playing a great role by keep bringing the new technology to read your favorite books on the go. Earlier this month, Amazon has announced the upgraded version of new Kindle e-readers. At its hardware event today, Amazon has introduced its most expensive e-reader, called the Kindle Scribe. Along with the Scribe, Amazon has also announced the new 3rd-genFire TV Cube and Alexa Remote Pro at the same event.

The Kindle Scribe is the fist perfect slate for you and trying to be as much a tablet as an e-book reader, which can be used for both reading and for taking notes. It lets you to do all the things you can do with a physical book. This is the largest Kindle yet and for the first time with a pen input for writing on the go. Yes, it comes with a standard stylus, which attaches magnetically to the side of the device. The included Stylus or Pen is the biggest highlight and adds more value to this device. It doesn’t have a battery or require charging and it lets you write or take notes and draw pictures whenever you want. The Scribe will be available in two stylus options: a “basic Pen” and a “Premium Pen”. The latter version has an eraser tool – just like a real pencil- on the other end, a customizable shortcut button on the top to switch between pen, highlighter, and more. Both versions use the same Wacom EMR technology.

The Kindle Scribe has a 10.2-inch glare-free paperwhite matte screen – the biggest screen Amazon’s has ever has tucked onto one of iits e-readers. It also has 300 PPI pixel density, adjustable warm light, auto-adjusting front light that has 35 LEDs compared against 25 in the Kindle Oasis. Kevin Keith, a vice president of product and marketing at Amazon, says “This is the first 300ppi, front-lit display that has an adjustable warm light,” and the display is the reason the Scribe took so long. It also features parental control, auto page rotation, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Kindle Scribe has new sticky note feature that supports adding handwritten notes to books. These sticky notes are automatically arranged by book and also get synced across devices. The device also includes note-taking and journaling features, with templates like lined paper, blank paper, to-do lists, and more. Notes can be organized by folder and searched through, and also get synced.

Users can take advantage of note taking and journaling features with a variety of templates such as blank paper, to-do lists for task tracking and lined paper for meeting notes. All notebooks are automatically saved and backed up to the cloud for free, and these uploaded notebooks will all be accessible via the Kindle app in early 2023.

You can also send PDF files directly to the Scribe device using “Send-to-Kindle” feature from your PC or phone. It lets you to insert your handwritten sticky notes in Microsoft Word documents. Amazon says you will be able to to send documents to the Kindle Scribe directly through Word beginning in 2023. Amazon claims the Scribe will last 12 weeks based on a half-hour of reading a day, but it will last up to just three weeks based on a half-hour of writing/reading every day. 

The Kindle Scribe will be available in 16/32/64GB with Basic pen variants and starts at $339 with the standard pen. The device is now available for pre-order in the United States, and though there’s no word on exact official release date yet, but it’ll ship later this year. 

source: Amazon

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