Amazon Likely To Announce Kindle Tablet On September 28th

Amazon tablet event invitation

Remember the names “Coyote” and “Hollywood” ? These are believed to the codenames of Amazon’s two upcoming Android tablets. We have been reporting a lot about the developments in regards to these two Amazon’s Android tablets. We also reported that one of these tablets would be priced at $250, undercutting the price of the iPad 2. Today we are seeing reports that Amazon could be launching these tablets at a media event, scheduled on September 28th in the New York City.

Amazon Kindle Tablet

As it was rumored earlier, Amazon’s 7-inch tablet might be launched in November and hence we believe that the internet’s retailer giant would just be launching one tablet during the scheduled event on Wednesday. Though many tout it as an ‘iPad killer’, we genuinely feel that it will be aiming at Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color rather than the iPad. It is also rumored that the Amazon’s Kindle tablet would be launched running a special edition of the Google’s Android OS, with no apps installed. Instead, Amazon will offer its own Appstore, Amazon Video service, Cloud Player, Kindle store etc., through which Amazon expects huge ROI (Return On Investment). Thus Amazon tablet’s business model won’t be relying too much on the returns from the sales of the devices, and this supports the speculation that Amazon could be pricing the tablets at a lower price. For now, we look forward to the Amazon’s press conference on Wednesday where Amazon’s chairman, CEO, president and founder Jeff Bezos is expected to announce the new Kindle tablet.

[Source: BGR]

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