Android 13 QPR 1 Hints at Pixel 6 Face Unlock

Google has disappointed many fans when it launched the Pixel 6 line up without Face Unlock feature. Instead, it came with in-screen fingerprint sensor on the phones. Since last year, we have been hearing that Google will make it possible in the future updates. But we don’t have face unlock on these Pixel 6 phones. 

The code hidden in the Android 12L Beta for Pixel devices pointed that Pixel 6 will feature both fingerprint unlocking and facial recognition unlocking. But, Face Unlock was also included in either in September’s Android update rollout or Last year’s December’s software update for Pixel 6 handsets. The code also also referred that Google is planning to bring facial recognition feature only for Raven (aka Pixel 6 Pro) and not Oriole (aka Pixel 6).

<string name=”biometric_settings_use_face_or_fingerprint_preference_summary”>Using face or fingerprint</string>

<string name=”biometric_settings_use_face_preference_summary”>Using face</string>

<string name=”biometric_settings_use_fingerprint_preference_summary”>Using fingerprint</string>

Google has started rolling out Android 13 QPR 1 Beta update, which also again hints at Google is still working on facial recognition feature for the Pixel 6 lineup. A reddit user also came up with an image of his phone setup screen on his Pixel 6 unlock method list which includes Face and Fingerprint as additional lock features. 

According to APK insight of Android 13 QPR1 Beta, “Face Unlock works best when there’s enough light and you’re not wearing a mask or dark glasses.”


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