Ice Cream Sandwich Statue Arrives At Google HQ; Launch Event On Oct.19 in Hong Kong

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Statue

We all knew that Android Ice Cream Sandwich was coming with Google’s tradition of naming major updates to its mobile OS (for tablet OS too) after Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, and Froyo, but Google should be adding the ICS statue at its Mountain View, CA campus.

Google installed a giant Ice Cream Sandwich statue next to the Honeycomb one and the rest of the tasty treats on the lawn at Google HQ confirming the OS naming and its existence. In the past, Google has erected statues of its tasty treat codenames shortly before releasing the code for new Android devices. We’ve heard that Android Ice Cream Sandwich is likely to be version 4.0. Now that the Ice Cream Sandwich Guy dropped in for a visit at Google HQ, we can expect Google to release the SDK of the latest build soon.

Finally, Samsung has confirmed that event for Ice Cream Sandwich and the Nexus Prime / Galaxy Nexus announcement, which was supposed to be done at CTIA event, but was delayed for some unknown reasons and we’ve been hearing the event place to be Hong Kong and London. Well, Samsung has started sending out the notices about the event, which is going to happen on October 19th in Hong Kong at 10 a.m. HKT, which corresponds to 10 p.m. October 18th EST.

Samsung ICS Event Confirmation

The live stream of the event will be available at

So, Ice Cream Sandwich is finally coming. Google has talked about the upcoming OS a bit, but has yet to release a lot of details (including whether it will be Android 2.4 or 4.0). What could be next, J = Jello or Jellybean?

Source: Google Software Engineer Michael Soland (Google+), Engadget

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