Android Jelly Bean Will Be The Next Version Of Android After Ice Cream Sandwich

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If you are an Android user, chances are that you are now running the latest Android Gingerbread on your device (Agree that vast majority of Android phones still run Android Froyo) and might be waiting for the launch of the next version of the Android, named ‘Icre Cream Sandwich’, which we were told recently, probably would be coming sometime in October. But Google is already moving ahead with the development of the next version of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich, which according to ThisIsMyNext would be called “Jelly Bean”.

Well, if you see the names of all the Android versions that we have seen so far, you could easily say that there is a definite pattern with the naming of the versions. In the order of chronology, Donut was the first ever version of the Android, followed by Eclair, then came the Froyo which was followed by the latest Gingerbread, Honeycomb that will soon be replaced by the Ice Cream Sandwich. All the names so far have been in alphabetical order starting from D to I. No wonder, the next version gets the name starting with “J” and the name Jelly Bean could be a apt choice if at all it gets approved.

The source mentions that it’s still unclear what’s the version number of the Jelly Bean going to be. The source also maintains that the name Jelly Bean is still a choice but hasn’t yet been finalized by Google. The report also says that some of the “game-changing stuff” that is expected in the Ice Cream Sandwich has been pushed to Jelly Bean. That’s all for now about Android Jelly Bean. We need to wait for some more time too learn about the future iterations of Google’s Android OS.

[Source: ThisIsMyNext]

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