Android Market Web Store is live right now; Offers OTA installations

Google Android Market Web Store

Google has just announced and afterwards launched a Web-based version of the Android Market. Users browse the full Market catalog on their desktop with a web browser. You can download your favourite app and install onto your Android handset through the over-the-air channels. Finally you don’t have to have an Android phone handy to browse.

The new Android Market site is live right now, but it is throwing an error – Invalid request, when trying to download an app. Google has also announced that in-app purchases are coming a bit later. The in-app purchasing SDK is releasing to developers today and it will be available for everyone very soon.

Disney has also announced that they would be introducing Radio Disney to Android Market in favour of kids to stream music to their Android devices. Jelly Car and TapTap Revenge are also on tap for Android from the Disney studios.


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