Android Market Movie Rental Service Blocked On Rooted Devices

Google launched a new movie rental service for Android devices (accessible via Android Market) during the Google I/O 2011 developer conference earlier this month and it was initially rolled out for Motorola Xoom tablet with Android 3.1 Honeycomb update. The service is expected to roll out to all the Android 2.2+ devices in the coming weeks. But if you have a rooted android device, you may be out of luck, as Google decided to block the movie rental service on the rooted devices.

Android Market Movie Rentals

Folks at Androidcentral spotted a Google Android Market support page which says that the rooted Android devices are currently not supported due to copyright related requirements. The page also shows the possible error message that you may get when you try to play a rented movie on your rooted device.

“Failed to fetch license for [movie title] (error 49)”

Google’s decision might have come from the requirements of the movies studios who provide the content to the service. However, as Engadget notes, rooting and jailbreaking hasn’t been affected iTunes or Netflix movie rental services and we’re not sure why it should only affect Google’s movie rental service when it is not an issue for other services.

[Source: Androidcentral] [Via: Engadget]

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