Android Phones 2 times faster than Apple iPhone in Loading Web Pages

Android OS vs iPhone iOSiPhone iOS vs Android

A study comparing the two mobile OS performance was conducted and it was found that Android OS phones are 2 times faster than iOS iPhones in most cases.when downloading web pages.

The study was conducted by involving more than 40,000 downloads of web pages. On an average Android is 52 percent faster than iPhone to render full web pages in 84% of the tests. We also ran the test for and found that Android is nearly 2 times faster than iOS iPhone.

Android vs iPhone

During our test run, iPhone took 9.62 seconds to load fully while Android took only 5.25 seconds.

Well the test results were certainly a blow for Apple and its users. We hope they will do better and improve. As of Android, Google has proven who is the Web Master.

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