Android SMS Bug Texts Messages To Random And Unknown Recipients

Android SMS Bug Sends Messages To Unwanted Contacts

It looks like Google hasn’t taking care of its Android SMS bug and ignoring it completely. According to online sources, there has been an ongoing SMS (text messaging) bug in Android platform for around 6 months, which is still bugging users now making them upset and frustrated too. This mysterious bug in the Android SMS system that may end up sending your text messages to random contacts in your address book and occurrences appear to be random. In addition to this problem, many users are also reporting that text messages sent to random people who aren’t in their address book.

The bug was first reported to Google over six months ago in June, 2010 and surprisingly, Google hasn’t fixed this serious issue yet. Issues of sending text messages to wrong contacts – even contacts that you’ve never texted before, could lend to a serious problem, what if those texts having some private secrets?

But, on its Android Google Code Site, Google has currently classified this bug as “Priority Medium” only. As you know, the bulk of complaints started in June 2010, here’s a simple report of the problem from June 28 on Google Code site who first reported it.

  • ¬ Send SMS message to RecipientA.
  • ¬ Message appears to be successfully sent to RecipientA.
  • ¬ RecipientX receives message.
  • ¬ ‘View Message Details’ in RecipientA thread, shows ‘To’ field as being RecipientX’s MSISDN (phone   number).

But according to Nexus One support forum, this problem complaining has started in March only.

This is a pretty major problem for Google to be ignoring. Fix it Google fix it..What are you going to do about this serious, mysterious & frustrating bug?

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