Angry Birds Rio Hits Android Market For Free

Angry Birds Rio For Android

Angry Birds Rio for Android game is now officially available to download from the Android Market for Free of cost. The version features the original Angry Birds as they are kidnapped and taken to Rio de Janeiro where they must help out members of their own species. Angry Birds Rio game is also available for Apple Mac App Store, iOS App Store and Amazon’s Android App Store.

Angry Birds Rio comes with two special episodes, including a total of 60 different levels and a “spectacular boss fight.” Rovio has introduced numerous hidden trophies with new achievements and stuff to unlock. Gamers need to set free the imprisoned birds out of their respective cages and defeat the evil smugglers.

Rovio will add the additional fun episodic updates on a regular basis  each month through November. It is an effort to promote the upcoming Rio movie. The game will delight the gamers with unique twists from the upcoming film combined with the addictive physics-based gameplay of the original Angry Birds. additional level updates will arrive on a regular basis this year.

Angry Birds Rio For Android


Angry Birds Rio for Android can be downloaded here at Android Market (hit the link) for Free, which is weighing 13MB of size. Check out the gameplay trailer after the break.

[Source: Android Market]

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