[Download] Angry Birds Space For Android is Just $0.99 At Amazon Appstore Now (Update: Free at Google Play Store)

Angry Birds Space For Android

Here it is folks. The latest edition of the Angry Birds game from Rovio – Angry Birds Space is now available for Android platform. As we reported earlier, Amazon Appstore has started offering the Angry Birds Specs game for just $0.99. Amazon has the ad-free version of the game. We don’t know when it will make its way to the Google Play Store aka Android Market.

In this version, “Angry Birds games comes with a NASA-style twist: the birds’ slingshot trajectories are affected by different gravitational fields as they navigate planets, black holes, stars, and more.” You can play through 60 interstellar levels with a mix of strategy, skill, and brute force. Users can solve each level in multiple ways and find the best solution to earn the coveted 3-star rating. You will see slow-motion puzzles to lightspeed destruction. If you unlock shiny Eggsteroids, you’ll find bonus levels that pay homage to classic video games of the past.

Buy & Download

Head over to Amazon website and buy the Ad-free version of the Angry Birds Space game for just $0.99 (that’s $1). If you can’t access the Amazon Appstore from your Android device, you can wait until lands on buy it from Google PlayStore.


You can grab the game for free from Google Playstore.

Angry Birds Space On Amazon Appstore

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