Angry Birds Space For $1 On Amazon Appstore Starting at 1AM, March 22nd

Angry Birds Space For $1 On Amaozn Apppstore

Angry Birds is really a cute game. A new version of the Angry Birds for Android platform is coming today. But, they are not coming to this planet this time. They are in Space now. Angry Birds Space is the third iteration of the game by Rovio. On the launch day of this new game, Amazon is offering an offer for you. You can grab the Angry Birds Specs game for just $1 if you pick up the ad-free version from 1AM PST.

The new Angry Birds : Space version seems to be a lot more challenging than previous versions. The story of the new version is that the birds and pigs are drawn into outer space by a vortex. Angry Birds Space version is also arriving on iOS, PC, and Mac platforms today along with the Android OS platform.

Yesterday, Rovio has launched the new trailer, highlighting the upcoming features and new characters of the Angry Birds Space version – such as the Ice Bird, which is expected to come with the ability to freeze enemies and structures. Are you ready to grab it from Amazon Appstore or will you wait for it to arrive at the Google Play Store? Check out the official trailers after the break.

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