[Download] Angry Birds Star Wars now available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8

Angry Birds Star Wars Download

Here comes Rovio with yet another new Angry Birds title – Angry Birds Star Wars. The latest edition is similar to Angry Birds Space, with its zero-gravity physics puzzles and astronomical settings keeping heavy focus on new Star Wars-related elements and it brings a breath of fresh air. Angry Birds are angrier than ever with Force powers, Lightsabering, giant flying fuzzballs and lasers with the iconic "pew pew" in both bullet and sword forms to attack the pigs in Star Wars-inspired environments.

Angry Birds can now fly in a straight line instead of downward and they will also have moons and other objects with their own gravity in some stages.

Angry Birds is definitely a biggest franchise in mobile gaming and the latest Angry Birds Star Wars game is now available for various platform including – iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, and OS X. The game comes in two editions for Android OS – one edition is free but comes with ads and another ‘HD’ version costs $2.99 with no ads.

Here is the list of price tags of Angry Birds Star War for Android, iOS, WP8 and OS X.

# iPhone – $0.09.
# iPad – $2.99
# Android (with ads) – Free
# Android (HD version – without ads) – $2.99
# Windows Phone 8 – $0.09
# OS X – $4.99

Hit the appropriate links here at below to grab the Angry Birds Star Wars game:

Android (Free) (HD) | iPhone | iPad | Windows Phone 8 | OS X

Angry Birds Star Wars Download Angry Birds Star Wars Download


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