Another Supposed Press Shot of the HTC One surface

HTC One New Render

Earlier today we showed you an alleged test photo of the HTC One aka M7 handset. We have also reported about a leaked UAProf, which has reportedly confirmed the final product name of this handset. Today, we’ve another leak of the HTC One, presenting a new press shot of the handset. Thanks to Twiiter courtesy of @evleaks. If you might recall, in mid-January, we saw the first press shot leak of the HTC One (M7), which has carried a quite different design with grille designs of the stereo speakers on both the top and bottom sides of the handset.

The press shot leaked today is also carrying that same old design of the earlier render, but it features a screenshot of the new Sense 5 UI customizations with Windows 8-inhaled tiles. Some of the previous leaked live images also feature the same UI design. You can observe the new edges with shadow effects, and the front-facing camera with a new lighting accent. It is also sporting 10:08 clock widget, that so many HTC phones show this time on the home screen. I always wonder why is it always 10:08 at HTC? Any thoughts, folks? The render still shows that the calendar is showing 19th February and the Weather showing London.

There is a HTC logo on bottom side of the handset, which was missing from earlier leaked render. But. we’ve seen HTC logo on top side of the handset on some of the earlier leaked renders. Could this be a hint pointing towards that we are looking at two separate phones – HTC One and M7? It’s worth mentioning that if you look closely at the bottom part of the phone in the render above, you’ll see only two capacitive buttons. Certainly, we’d expect to see a Recent Apps button on there somewhere, but it is missing from this image. Is it an indication of a fake render?

We are eagerly waiting to see this phone at HTC’s press conference on February 19th. We are just 8 days away. As a reminder, HTC One will have a 4.7-inch 1080p display with a pixel density of 468ppi.

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