Apple Back To School 2011 Offer – A $100 iTunes gift card

Apple 2011 back to school deal

Apple has just announced the anticipated Back To Scholl 2011 offer, a day behind the actual schedule. And no, it isn’t offering the $200 discount on iPad 2 purchases as we expected. But the Cupertino company is instead offering a $100 gift card that works for the iTunes Store, Mac App Store, App Store or the iBookstore. As part of the offer, Apple will give a $100 iTunes gift card for the students already into college and for those who have just been accepted into a college on every purchase of a MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac or iMac Pro devices. The offer starts today, the June 16th and will run through September 20.

Apple usually offers free iPods every year through the Back To School promotional offer and in a way, it clears out the inventory before Apple could launch the next generation of the iPod. But this year’s promo is a total different story with Apple not offering any free iPod Touch. Indeed it is a disappointment for many who have been waiting for the deal. But the $100 iTunes gift card isn’t totally a deal that could be written off. A student can get textbooks from the iBookstore or some productivity apps like iWork and of course not to forget those numerous useful apps on the Mac App Store using the $100 gift card.

[Source: Apple] [Via: BGR]

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