Rumor Mill: Apple AR/VR Headset Pricing Allegedly Begins at $1,999

Apple’s AR/VR headset has undergone extensive development over the years, with multiple delays as the company strives to address ongoing challenges. The eagerly anticipated headset is anticipated to be showcased for the first time at WWDC, providing a sneak peek into its capabilities, but the official launch is projected to take place later in the year.

According to a recent leak, Apple’s mixed reality headset is said to offer various configuration options and is rumored to have a starting price of $1,999, contradicting earlier speculations of a $3,000 price tag. While the authenticity of this last-minute rumor from Asia remains uncertain, it suggests a potentially more accessible pricing strategy for Apple’s upcoming headset.

As anticipation builds for Apple’s anticipated AR/VR headset reveal at WWDC, persistent rumors have consistently suggested a price point of approximately $3,000 for the device. This would position Apple’s headset at a significantly higher price range compared to its competitors, whose offerings typically range from $300 to $900.

According to a recent post on Naver by well-known leaker “Yeux1122,” an image resembling a screenshot from Apple’s website suggests that the headset might be named “XR.” This aligns with previous trademark listings and rumors surrounding the device. Interestingly, the same post also mentions the name “The Apple Reality Pro,” which has been previously speculated and mentioned in trademark filings. The dual naming in the leak adds a level of confusion to the situation, but only time will tell which name Apple ultimately chooses for its highly anticipated headset.

The image shared on Naver provides additional details about the headset, including the utilization of “dual X1 chips,” a “12-camera system,” and remarkable “8K XDR optics.” The accompanying text also references the operating system as “xrOS.” Moreover, it suggests that the headset will have a starting price of $1,999, indicating the possibility of multiple configuration options. Following Apple’s pattern with other device lineups, this could potentially involve customizable features such as storage capacity and memory options.

The $3,000 price figure initially surfaced in a 2021 report from The Information, which has gained support from other reputable sources. Notably, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who has referred to the headset as a “pricey, niche precursor” to a more ambitious product, has emphasized that the device’s initial target audience will be developers, content creators, and professionals rather than the general consumer market. This positioning suggests that Apple’s focus is on catering to specific industry needs and fostering innovation in the AR/VR space.

Reports from Asia in May 2023 indicate that Apple’s upcoming headset will have a manufacturing cost of approximately $1,500 per unit. Initially, Apple had planned to sell the headset at a loss but later decided to price it at around its manufacturing cost. Taking into account expenses related to packaging, shipping, and marketing, the total cost of the headset is expected to be significantly lower than the speculated retail price of $3,000. However, the profit margin for the headset may be smaller compared to other Apple products due to its higher production costs.

Although the last-minute leak regarding the name of Apple’s headset may not provide complete clarity and may not be entirely reliable, the upcoming Apple keynote scheduled for later on Monday will soon unveil the truth. As the event draws near, the speculation surrounding the name and other details will finally be put to rest, and Apple’s official announcements will provide accurate and concrete information about their highly anticipated headset.



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