[Download] Apple iOS 4.3.3 Released; Fixes Location Tracking Bug

There has been a lot of fuss circulating online that the Apple iOS platform was stealthily tracking location data of iPhone and 3G iPad users. Fortunately, Apple has come forward to let us know that it was in fact a ‘bug’ and promised about to design a software to actually stop location tracking.

Apple iOS 4.3.3 Update

In line with our earlier report this week, Apple on Wednesday released the iOS 4.3.3 version for the Apple iPhone 4 (GSM), iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, iPad and iPod touch (4th and 3rd generation). The only changes noted by Apple are – a fix for the location tracking bug, the size of the location database will be reduced, The location database will be deleted entirely when ‘Location Service’ is turned off. There is also a minor update with iPod bug fixes and battery life improvements. No more innovational features included within iOS 4.3.3.

It appears that an update containing similar changes — iOS 4.2.8 version is available for the Verizon Wireless branded iPhone 4.

Both updates are available immediately via iTunes. Plug in your Apple device into iTunes to download the iOS 4.3.3 and iOS 4.2.8 (Verizon iPhone 4). The full update is weighing at the size of 666.2MB. You can also try the below links to download the update manually (hit the links).

# iPad 1.
# iPad 2 (Wi-Fi).
# iPad 2 (AT&T GSM).
# iPad 2 (Verizon CDMA).
# iPhone 3GS.
# iPhone 4 GSM.
# Verizon iPhone 4 (iOS 4.2.8).
# iPod Touch 3rd Gen.
# iPod Touch 4th Gen.

[Source: Apple]

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