Apple To Release iOS 4.3.3 Within Two Weeks To Fix The Location Tracking Bug

Apple is all set to release the iOS 4.3.3 software update in the “next week or two” to fix the controversial location tracking bug found in the iPhone and the iPad which tracks and saves the location data coming from the near by cell towers and Wi-Fi hotspots all through the device lifetime. Apple last week stated that it would fix the location-tracking bug on the iPhone and other iOS devices in the next iOS software update in the next few weeks and looks like the update indeed is coming within the next two weeks according to BGR. And to add more, BGR has already been supplied with the OS and though they haven’t actually installed it on their iPhone or iPad.

iOS 4.3.3 screenshot

iOS 4.3.3 software will not technically fix the location-tracking but it does provide some options to the users. The update will stop the location database being backed up to iTunes, it will reduce the size of the location database as well. The entire location database file (.db file) will be deleted if the user chooses to turn off the Location Services.

Apart from the Location-Tracking issue, the update will also address some other issues to improve the battery life along with some bug fixes for iPod touch. Earlier BGR reports on the Apple’s iOS have actually been followed by the official releases within a week and this time too we can expect Apple to rollout iOS 4.3.3 update as early as next week!

[via BGR]

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