Apple iPad 2 event planned for March 2?

Apple iPad.

We’ve been talking about the the new MacBook Pros launch on February 24th. But in real, BoomTown is reporting that Apple is planning to hold an event for the unconfirmed and unannounced iPad 2, the next iterations of the most successful iPad. The event planned to scheduled on March 2 in San Francisco.

Rumors suggest that the iPad 2 will have a faster processor, a front-facing camera for FaceTime video chat, enhanced graphics capabilities to allow playback of high-definition video and superior 3D graphics, USB port – which will enable users to upload movies, documents and photos. Apple may be prepping a “world iPad” that uses both GSM and CDMA networks, enabling it to get online anywhere in the world. The new iPad might be thinner than the existing model, sporting a retina display screen. We also heard that Apple employees testing iPads with no home buttons.

Most recently, carriers Orange and T-Mobile have slashed prices on current iPad inventory in half. So we can expect the next-generation iPad announcement very soon. The official invite hasn’t been rolled out yet from Apple.

[Source: AllThingsDigital]

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