Apple iPad 2 to get Retina Screen, Front side Camera, USB port and more features?

Apple iPad

There have been so many rumours rising about the upcoming Apple iPad 2 (iPad sequel). But this time, a Chinese related news paper Economy Daily News came with new unconfirmed reports regarding iPad 2. According to EDN, Apple iPad 2 would be sporting the following five new features.

  • Dual Cameras (FaceTime feature)
  • Retina Display
  • USB port
  • 3-axis gyroscope
  • A thinner glass panel for a lighter build

With both front and back cameras, users will be able to use the FaceTime service on their iPad, contacting friends and family on their iPhone 4, iPod Touch and Mac computers.

Introducing Apple’s Retina Display with new touch technology with thinner and lighter glass, will ensure high-resolution output and colour performance. iPad 2 will be having a thinner glass to reduce the weight of iPad and iPad is weighing heavily than other tablets in the market at present.

Apple iPad 2

An USB port is also in line for working with third party devices. A 3-axis Gyroscope will refresh the gaming experience to attract the gamers. Another rumour is also swirling around these days that the new iPad will come in 7 inches model. But why Apple is not caring about using wireless USB?

EDN also stated that the iPad sequel, iPad 2 will be out in the beginning of 2011. So, if the these reports are true, Apple is indeed in the process of making another tablet, and that production would start this month itself. Its look like, Apple is bringing the iPad 2 to face the tough competition from other tablets Samsung Galaxy Tab, Dell Looking Glass Tablet and the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook from RIM, which have dual cameras, Lenovo LePad and etc.

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