Apple iPad 3 With Retina Display Rumored To Launch In Early 2012

The latest claims for when Apple will release its next iPad have been changing from time to time. The latest report of this endless soap opera aired on yesterday as The Wall Street Journal claimed knowledge of Apple’s next-generation iPad – the Apple iPad 3. Earlier reports have claimed that the iPad 3 is said to be launched this fall. But, WSJ adds fuel to the fire Friday morning with a report that Apple is gearing up to release the iPad 3 tablet in early 2012!

Apple iPad 3 In Early 2012

Previous rumors have suggested that the new iPad won’t be featuring the Retina Display. But the source believes that we’ll see the next iPad with the Retina Display delivering 2048 x 1536 pixels of resolution. The next iPad will probably need at least twice the processing power of the current edition to deliver such resolution. It would make sense for such a product to get a bumped up image sensor as well. We also heard that the suppliers have already received Q4 orders for for iPad 3 components with a launch that is slated for sometime in early 2012. Apple is also prepping to launch the next generation iPhone in early October of this year.

[Source: Wall Street Journal]

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  1. I don’t own any Apple products, and generally dislike Apple…but…if true, Apple gets a gold star from me.

    That is an INSANE resolution. Props to Apple for pushing the industry standard and raising the bar for everyone.

    It’s technology and the consumers that benefit.


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