Apple intros iMovie, GarageBand, FaceTime Apps for iPad 2

iMovie App For iPad 2

We all knew that a special feature ‘editing movies’ already available for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Today, along with the iPad 2 announcement, Steve Jobs unveiled a new updated and universal version of iMovie for iPad. With the help of iMovie, you can really edit a movie, which brings a precision editor, multitrack audio recording, and full HD video support, three background audio tracks, over 50 sound effects, audio waveforms, new themes and AirPlay for sharing videos in HD with popular sites. Even Jobs noted this app as “This is not a toy and this blows my mind”. It requires an iPad 2, iPhone 4, or fourth-generation iPod touch.

Garage Band App For iPad 2

Another great app introduced today is, ‘GarageBand’, for those people, who have no idea how to play instruments and it bags several touch instruments, guitar amps and effects, the ability to email your AAC files, 8-track recording and mixing, over 250 loops. Users can also plug in a guitar and play real instruments as well. you can tap keys hard or soft to determine how the note comes out. It is compatible with the popular OS X version for Mac. Jobs noted about this app – " I’m blown away by this stuff. Anyone can make music now..It’s unbelievable."

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FaceTime App For iPad 2

Next is FaceTime. This is the video calling app, which lets the user to set the video conference in easiest way. It will support video chatting with both iPads and iPhone 4s. Users can FaceTime between two iPads, between an iPad and an iPhone, or between an iPad and a Mac. A full version of FaceTime for Mac has recently released for $0.99. No word on whether a Windows version of desktop FaceTime is in the works.

Price & Availability

Bothe the iMovie and GarageBand apps will hit the App Store on March 11th for $4.99. The FaceTime app also will be available immediately on March 11th along with the iPad 2 launch.

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