RadioShack To Sell Apple iPhone 4S For Just $125 From Tomorrow, August 26th

RadioShack Sells Apple iPhone 4S For $125

RadioShack announced today that it will drop the price of the 16GB Apple iPhone 4S to just $125, beginning tomorrow, Sunday, August 26th in its stores across the U.S. The $75 price cut also applies to the latter models: The 32GB variant of the iPhone 4S edition checks in at $225, while the 64GB variant goes for $325. To take advantage of the deal, customers are required to sign a two-year contract with the selected carrier. The deal is applicable for all the Sprint, AT&T and Verizon editions.

Earlier this month, Sprint started offering the iPhone 4S for just $50 by giving away $100 Amex Reward Card as a part of the purchase to the new line smartphone buyers. Sprint’s deal ends on August 26th. A couple of days ago, Walmart also slashed 16GB iPhone 4S price to $148.

The new iPhone 5 is expected to be unveiled on September 12th and may hit the stores on September 21st. Next iPhone is rumored to be sporting a brand new design, 4-inch screen, 8MP rear camera, 4G LTE camera and a powerful processor under the hood.

So, why don’t you wait to see what the iPhone 5 brings rather than buying a one-year old iPhone 4S? The next iPhone may be priced at $199.99 just like the last two iPhone editions.

Source: Electronista

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