Apple Outed iPhone 4S Siri, iCloud and Camera TV Ads

Apple iPhone 4S Camera

The new Apple iPhone 4S handset has been available on sale through Sprint , AT&T and Verizon for almost one month now. Apple iPhone 4S made its entry in 22 additional countries on last Friday. There is a huge demand for iPhone 4S since its launch. A few days ago AT&T announced that it has activated more than 1 million iPhone 4S handsets, although the new iPhone 4S isn’t sporting any new design, but inside, it has got a new faster A5 dual-core processor, improved camera, Siri voice-enabled assistant and a new antenna design.

Just a few days ago, Apple has released its first iPhone 4S TV ad featuring the features of Siri, showing how useful the feature. Apple has released three more commercial videos highlighting the features of iPhone 4S handsets’ Siri (again), Camera and iCloud. Apple’s new iCloud service lets the users to sync images, documents, data and more between iOS, Mac and the cloud, with back-up and restore capabilities for Apple devices wirelessly. One of the biggest improvements to the iPhone 4S looks to be the upgraded 8MP camera. Users can crop pics or rotate them, as well as get rid of red-eye and enhance colours. Revamped ‘Photo Organizing’ feature will let you to drag and drop shots between albums. You can also create new albums from within the photos app too. You can check out the various pics on Apple’s website (hit the link) so that you will get an idea on the amazing features of iPhone 4S camera. Siri is the new built-in assistant for iPhone 4S owners. You just need to hold down the home button, then your personal assistant in the form of “Siri” will be listening to your questions. You can ask Siri for a wake-up call. It will able to call your doctor for you to make an appointment. Check out the three TV ad videos after the break.

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