[Download] Apple iPhone 5 Fully Dimensioned Design Drawing Now


For mobile case manufacturers, a good news reveals that Apple has released the detailed design drawing of iPhone 5 model intentionally or by mistake. Not only the dimensions for iPhone 5 but they also provide all of the detailed information on how to build a case for it too. The link to the design drawing has also been made available revealing some interesting and useful information on the iPhone 5. As the dated 9/12/2012 on the right side bottom corner of the drawing makes us to assume that this design drawing was made available to case maker’s right after the announcement of the iPhone 5.


From the drawings, now we can see that Apple has shifted the proximity sensor to the right by the ear piece and above the ear piece speaker on the front panel are the ambient light sensor and camera. And further between the LED flash and camera on the back panel, there is a larger gap and the additional microphone that Apple has added with their iPhone 5 which are different from the previous models. On the backside cover two areas are present containing the iPhone 5 radios.

The design gives a note that the two areas where the iPhone 5 radios present must not be hit with any metallic or hard substances, as it might greatly affect signal strength.

For full Design drawing Click Here

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