Rumor: Apple Orders 15 Million iPhone 5 Units For September Release

iPhone 4

Not a single day passes without a rumor about the upcoming Apple products. This time, Apple iPhone 5 rumor mill is back in action as a new report about the next generation iPhone production appears at DigiTimes. The report says that the Taiwan-based notebook maker Pegatron Technology has received 15 million orders for the iPhone 5 units which are slated for shipping in September.

The article apparently based on ‘sources from upstream component makers’ also says that the Pegatron’s plants and human power was expanded since 2010 to cope up with the huge number of orders for Apple iPhone. In fact after the expansion, Pegatron was ready to habdle orders for at least 10 million iPhone 4 CDMA units. But the response for the CDMA version of the iPhone 4 was not as much as anticipated with only 4 million of iPhone 4s being shipped. This left the Pegatron’s manufacturing capacity utilization rate dropped to 50%.

The article, which referred to the next generation iPhone as both ‘iPhone 4S’ and ‘iPhone 5’ also mentioned that the it would only be a ‘minor upgrade’ to the existing iPhone 4 and is set for shipment in September with the Pegatron’s plants in Shanghai already started receiving the components from Apple.

There are way too many contradictory views on the internet as of now about what the next generation iPhone is going to be like. Some say it will be a minor upgrade while the rest say it’s going to sport significant improvements compared to the earlier version. We need to wait till September to know the exact details.

[Source: DigiTimes]

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