iPhone 5 Screen Size May Stay Small As It Is In iPhone 4, Claims Analyst

iPhone 5 design rumor

As we are approaching the launch of the elusive iPhone 5 (expected in October), rumor mills are gathering momentum delivering rumors about the various aspects of the upcoming iPhone release. This time we are talking about the display size of the iPhone 5. So far we have seen so many speculations about the possible screen size of the upcoming size. Most of the rumors pointed to a 4-inch display while some say it could be somewhere between 3.5-inch to 4-inch. Today, we are hearing fresh rounds of rumors about the screen size of the Apple iPhone 5.

According to a report published in Digital Spy, an analyst predicts that Apple may not increase the screen size for the upcoming iPhone 5 and may keep the 3.5-inch size that is found in the present iPhone 4. Now that most of the Android smartphones are coming up with an average screen size of 4-inch or more, one would expect the upcoming iPhone to sport a 4-inch screen, but the analyst doesn’t think so . We can’t predict the display size unless we don’t know what exactly is the guys at Apple Inc. are thinking. Let’s hope that the things get more clear in the upcoming days leading to the actual release of the phone.

[Source: Digital Spy]

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