Best Buy Predicts iPhone 5 To Hit Sprint in October 1st Week; Pre-orders To Start This Week

Apple iPhone 5 Mockup Image

The next generation of the Apple iPhone – the iPhone 5’s rumors have been circulating the internet in the past months. The folks over BGR have got their hands-on the leaked memo by a source inside of Best Buy and according to the leaked memo, Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores are preparing to take the pre-orders for the Apple iPhone 5 starting this week. The memo also suggests that the Sprint branded iPhone 5 will launch in the first week of the October month. This must be a good news for Sprint’s customers. A few days ago, we also heard that Sprint is telling its dealers not to discuss the possibility of an upcoming iPhone.

In the above memo, we can also read that Best Buy warns its employees that dates of the Apple products may change at any time. But, ThisIsMyNext is reporting that the big box retailer expecting a new "Apple Fixture Installation" on Friday, October 21st and their tipster also says that Best Buy Mobile managers are going to meet on October 10th to “discuss upcoming BIG release dates”. Apple has recently launched the 7th beta version of the iOS 5 and the golden master version is expected to be launched very soon. A couple of weeks ago, AT&T VP has revealed out that Apple iPhone 5 is coming out in early October.

A few days ago, Apple reportedly loses the next generation iPhone prototype in a bar for the second time and the Cupertino company engaged the help of the San Francisco Police Department along with Apple’s guys to help track down the device. So all the recent rumors are looking for an early October launch of the next iPhone – iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S. Here is the leaked memo:

Sprint's Apple Phone 5 Unconfirmed Release Details

[Source: BGR]

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