Apple iPhone 5 SunSpider, GeekBench Performance: A6 Faster than Z2460


Several reviews have come up on the brand new Apple iPhone 5 and its iOS 6. The phone is powered by Apple’s A6. New test results have revealed that A6 seems to perform better than the much talked Intel’s Atom Z2460.

Folks at AnandTech have run the SunSpider Benchmark comparisons on various Smartpphones and has found that Apple’s iPhone 5 has topped the list with only 914.7ms. The test puts the competitor Samsung’s Galaxy S III on the third with 1442.9ms score


In another test by Geekbench Bowser, the Apple iPhone 5 Scored 1601 while the Samsung Galaxy S III Scored 2045. Well we are not sure of the accuracy of the test, but it seems Apple iPhone 5’s results are accurate.


As per these latest test results, it looks like Apple specifically targeted improvements in the memory subsystem when designing the A6’s CPU cores. The result is the fastest SunSpider test we’ve ever seen on a smartphone – faster even than Intel’s Atom Z2460.

Source: AnandTech

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