Apple iPhone 5S rumored to sport 12MP camera instead of 13MP

Aple iPhone 5S

The basic design of the next-gen iPhone will likely be equal to the existing iPhone 5 model but the iPhone 5S will be powered by more advanced chipset with an improved megapixel camera probably a 13MP camera. But according to a new report, the device will feature a 12megapixel rear facing camera. The information revealing the alluring specs of the Apple iPhone 5S was reported by a Vietnamese source. It will reportedly come with new salient features including HDR shooting so that it will probably help in low-light photography. Since the device hasn’t been officially announced yet, take the specs of the device with a grain of salt.

Specs of the device are not known yet but you can assume that it will sport Super HD screen and possibly wireless charging capability. Another rumored feature of the smartphone is the fingerprint unlocking capability. But, since the leaked Home button of the device is very similar to the iPhone 5, it may not include the fingerprint sensor technology.

The Apple iPhone 5S is also rumored to support a new technology called iFloat which will protect the Aluminum body of the device from scratches by ensuring that it won’t come in contact with any surface and it will help to prevent physical damage of the smartphone.

The smartphone is expected to be unveiled during a special event called “Original Passion, New Ideas’, on June 29.

Source:Tinhte (Google Translated)

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