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iTunes U App

Just a moment ago, we told you about the new release of iTunes 10.5.3 software. At an event in New York City a few hours ago, Apple presented a new app called iTunes U. This app is specifically bringing new ways for educators to get their classes online, with the introduction of new curriculum management tools. iTunes app includes course overview, syllabus, teacher details, info, posts, notes, and materials. Some of the features of the iTunes U app are:

# iTunes U brings an iBooks-like interface letting you to access iTunes U content.
# It brings a variety of new tools for Teachers to create and manage curriculums.
# Teachers can use the app to give assignments to their classes or even stream live content.
# You will  find an Info tab with the course description, a Posts tab with a description of the course materials, a Notes tab and a final Materials tab with a bare-bones lists of videos, audio, and other files.
# Just like the Apple’s new digital textbooks, students can take notes in the iTunes U app.
# Students can also take courses from a number of universities including Yale and Harvard.
# There are a lot of schools committed to supporting iTunes U already.
# K-12 schools can sign up for iTunes U.
# Assignments will be linked directly to iBooks.
# The Notes tab in the iTunes U app collects all the notes from your books and courses in one place.


The new iTunes U app is now available to download from App Store for Free. You can grab the iTunes U app from the link provided here at below. Your iPad/ iPhone/ iPod Touch device should be running iOS 5.0 or later version to rock this app.

Link – iTunes U App.

Hit the break to check out the screenshots of the iTunes U app.

iTunes U App iTunes U App

iTunes U App iTunes U App

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