Apple’s Trade-In Program Teases Unveiling of New Macs at WWDC 2023

As WWDC 2023 draws near, with only a week remaining, anticipation builds for Apple’s highly anticipated announcements, including the unveiling of iOS 17 and the introduction of their innovative Reality Pro headset. Notably, renowned Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman suggests that Apple is making preparations for an undisclosed alteration, hinting at the possibility of new Macs being unveiled during the event next week.

Yesterday, tech journalist Mark Gurman took to Twitter, revealing that the Mac Studio, 13-inch M2 MacBook Air, and 13-inch M2 MacBook Pro are set to become trade-in eligible with Apple starting on Monday, June 5. This tweet from Gurman has fueled speculation about the potential unveiling of new Mac hardware during Apple’s keynote on the same day, with hints at the arrival of an entirely fresh 15-inch MacBook Air model. Gurman’s suggestive remark, “Read into that as you will,” further adds to the intrigue surrounding Apple’s upcoming announcements.

To recall, the Mac Studio made its debut in May 2022, showcasing the powerful M1 Max and M1 Ultra chip configurations. While Apple has subsequently released various Mac models equipped with the newer M2, M2 Pro, and M2 Max chips, the Mac Studio‌ has yet to receive a refresh. According to Gurman, there are indications that two new Mac Studio models are currently in development, although the exact launch timeframe remains uncertain. 

Previously, Gurman expressed skepticism about the likelihood of an update to the ‌Mac Studio‌ being announced at WWDC, speculating that Apple may opt to wait until the M3 generation to prevent any potential cannibalization of the Apple silicon Mac Pro. However, there remains a possibility that updated Mac Studio‌ models, featuring M2 Max and M2 Ultra chip options, could still be introduced during the event. While the exact outcome is uncertain, Apple’s strategic decisions will ultimately determine whether these refreshed ‌Mac Studio‌ models will make an appearance at WWDC or be reserved for a future release.

Indeed, it is worth highlighting that Apple has been known to accept trade-ins for products even when there is no immediate direct successor available. As pointed out by Parker Ortolani on Twitter, one such example is the trade-in option for the sixth-generation iPad mini, despite the absence of a seventh-generation iPad mini in the market. This suggests that Apple’s trade-in program does not solely rely on the presence of a successor device and can encompass a wider range of trade-in options.

Rumors suggest that Apple is developing 13-inch ‌MacBook Air‌ and MacBook Pro models featuring the upcoming M3 chip. However, it is anticipated that the initial launch of ‌M3‌ Macs will occur towards the end of the year, indicating that the immediate release of direct successors to the mentioned devices may not be imminent.

Therefore, Gurman’s information regarding new Mac trade-ins should not be taken as a definite indication of immediate successors for all of the mentioned devices. Apple’s product release timeline will ultimately provide more clarity on the availability of these anticipated devices.


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